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About Us


AntiSemite.net is part of a growing family of Jewish websites founded by Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim, an orthodox educator, author and activist for 30 years.

Mesora.org was founded 22 years ago in response to the need for a globally available resource for Jews and gentiles to engage in Torah (Bible) study. Upon the Intifada, Mesora quickly responded, and began to engage in many campaigns to help world Jewry. USAIsrael.org was developed and together with Mesora.org, 77,000 people joined our campaigns that generated responses. These included letters to Senators and Congress urging the U.S. label Arafat a terrorist (which was passed), boycotting MSNBC for firing Israel's friend former ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, to raising funds for a cancer victim and purchasing ambulances for Israel. Our unified voices were heard.


20 years ago at the suggestion of our editor, Mesora created the Jewishtimes Magazine. We are now at issue #520 with 4,000,000 downloads to date. 6,000,000 people have since enjoyed Mesora.org and the Jewishtimes. Our 1000s of original articles and audio classes share the depths of Torah wisdom God has shared with mankind. This has always been our goal: to share Torah brilliance and draw more people to follow God's path. But activism is essential, if we are to enjoy a world that accommodates the pursuit of God's knowledge.


To this end, we recently developed 2 new websites addressing vital needs. It is our hope that the knowledge and activism we share on AntiSemite.net will reduce anti-Semitism. We also engage in fighting media bias and urging people to contact government officials to support Israel and provide incentives against anti-Semitism.


The prominence of Jews for Jesus required a response as well. This group lures unsuspecting Jewish youth with lies. Our new site JewsforMoses.com counters their efforts by providing concise truths that expose Christianity's claims as false. Both new sites are integrated with Facebook in order to reach the largest audience possible. We regularly post to literally dozens of Jewish Facebook groups with 1,000-20,000 members each.


Please enjoy and share our websites.