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Your Part


As a concerned Jew or gentile, there are a number of ways you can assist in the fight against anti-Semitism:



Contact College Authorities

Protest any hate crimes by contacting the authorities. Silence will only allow hate to grow.


Contacting the Media

We have created a number of email lists including 100s of T.V./internet news stations, reporters and journalists, senators and governors and more. With a single email, we reach 1500 important contacts and protest anti-Semitism, media bias, or ask them to address a given issue. We also manage our proprietary email list of 17,000 Jews and gentiles who support Israel. We ask you, our readers and fellow Jews and gentile friends to contact us with urgent matters which we may share through our email lists.


Contact Us


MISSION: Dispel the lies, eliminate hate, bring offenders to justice.